Transferability of Leadership Skills

Your success as a leader depends on the following very important factors:Transferability of Leadership Skills



In our blog, we help you develop your leadership skills and habits. We suggest using non-profit organizations in order to develop your skills and build your leadership habits. Once you acquired leadership habits, related to the specific skills, you own them.  Both, SKILLS and HABITS are transferable!

How about your credibility as a leader?  Let’s say you are a credible leader at your Toastmasters Club. Does this mean that you automatically become credible at your work place or at the company that you own?

Unfortunately, not really!

Does this mean that YOUR credibility as a leader is not transferable?  Actually, it is transferable, but not automatically.

Let’s see how it works. As a leader of any group, (for example, non-profit organization) you have a social status.  You built your status by being loyal to the organization, achieving success as a leader using your leadership skills, etc. Can this status be at least partially transferred to your work place or your business? There are many ways, both formal and informal, how you can obtain a social status at your organization.

One of the best ways is when people with high status at your organization communicate your status within organization. For example, the CEO of your organization tells his subordinates that you have excellent delegation and negotiation skills and suggests using your skills.  At the moment when he does this, your leadership skills are transferred.

It is obvious that, the CEO either witnessed your leadership skills at the organization where you play a leadership role, or someone he trusts told him about you as a leader. This is where your NETWORKING SKILLS come to play.  NETWORKING SKILLS is a separate topic, and we will dedicate the next article to this essential subject.


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