Team Building Skills for Leaders

In order to achieve a leadership goal, a leader has to leverage the talents, knowledge, and skills of his team members.
Effective team should serve as a multiplier of a leader’s vision, creative energy and knowledge. However, to serve as a multiplier, the team should be properly built and managed. In fact, leadership building skills is a complex set of related leadership skills with common denominator. This denominator is an effectively functioning team.
A team can be defined as a group of people with the same goal. Sounds very simple?
In reality, it’s not as simple as it seems. Goals can be declared and/or real. I am sure you remember the time when a team member declared goals, which were not her real goals. She had her own hidden agenda and her own hidden goal.
The critical responsibility of a leader is to make sure that all team members have the same REAL GOAL. Moreover, the goal should be properly aligned with a vision of a leader. This can be accomplished by proper team building and team management.
There are different psychological types of people. Different types of people interact with each other in their own unique way. In addition, team members can have different cultural backgrounds, can belong to completely different age groups, and of course, have entirely different skill levels. These are just several of critical variables a leader has to consider in order to design a well functioning team.

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