Persuasion Skills for Leaders

Outstanding leaders envision the goals they would like to achieve.  They understand the current situation and determine what needs to be done to make their vision a reality. Realistically speaking, not many people are capable of doing this. However, this is just the first step.

The next step is to PERSUADE others to understand the vision and commit to themselves to achieve the goal. Here is where the PERSUASION skills come to play.

As a leader, you should be able to communicate your vision as well as the ways to achieve it. PERSUASION is a very touchy science. The message itself is very important and many people with leadership experience recognize it. However, the message, even a very powerful one, must be properly delivered.

Let me use a computer analogy. Computer can send a message to another computer only if they use the same protocol (a language computers talk to each other). This ensures that the message will be interpreted correctly.

In the case of human interaction, the proper framing of the message contributes to the correct interpretation of the message.

Framing is one of the many persuasion techniques that distinguished leaders use.

Adding PERSUASION TECHNIQUES to leader’s toolbox is CRITICAL.

In order to master persuasion skills both knowledge and practice are required.

I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Hogan’s Persuasion Science Courses. This is a great learning opportunity for everyone who needs to master persuasion skills.

The great thing about these skills is that you can practice and apply them almost everywhere: at work, in business, at home, and, of course, in non-profit organizations. 


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