Leadership Skills Development and Non-profit Organizations

Let’s take a look at different types of non-profit organizations. There are many types of non-profit organizations, however, in the article I would like to focus on the following two types:
1.  Organizations whose primary goal is to develop and promote specific professional skills.
2.  Organizations whose primary goal is to develop leadership skills.
The Project Management Institute is one example of a professional organization. Its primary goal is to help project managers to develop project management skills and promote Project Management Body of Knowledge.
Professional nonprofits have numerous volunteering leadership positions that can help you develop your leadership skills. In addition, you will have a great opportunity to build your professional and business network.   
One example of the second type of non-profit organization is Toastmasters International. Its primary goal is to create a mutually supportive positive environment, in which people can develop leadership and communication skills.
Toastmasters International offers two different tracks to its members: the communication track and the leadership track.
General Public knows Toastmasters International as an organization that developed highly skilled speakers and leaders. Yet, this organization is primarily associated with development of public speaking skills. However, this summer Toastmasters International announced rebranding with main emphasis on Leadership Development.
From experiences of many people, as well from my personal experience, I know that Toastmasters International creates excellent framework to practice leading different groups of people ranging from 20-40 people at the Club level to thousands of people at the District level.
Toastmasters International provides high quality leadership manuals. However, people can either fully explore this opportunity and earn leadership skills and habits or take a more formal approach to complete the manual.
I will discuss in my future articles the best ways to leverage this organization to maximize leadership development.
By the way, the cost of membership is almost symbolic. At the end of 2011, the membership fee is $39 for six month (It includes several manuals.). 
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