Formal vs. Informal Leadership

Have you ever asked yourself what should I do to have people put me in charge?

Let’s think about this for a moment…

People often follow people who are their bosses. This is called formal authority. 

However, other people in charge don’t have this authority. Their power derives from personal relationships they have established with others.  These leaders are not designated as bosses. Actually, other people consider them leaders as they help them accomplish THEIR GOALS.  In both cases, leaders understand people and know how to leverage formal and informal authority.

There is no doubt that the best way to influence someone is to have both formal and informal authority. However, if you have little or no formal authority, you can still influence other people. To do that, you should earn informal authority.

We all know CEOs, business owners, managers, and supervisors who are unsuccessful even with their formal authority because they have not earned the respect and trust of those who work for them.

This blog is based on the assumption that you want to accomplish something in the area in which you do not have formal authority. We will help you DEVELOP LEADERSHIP SKILLS necessary to earn the authority you need to influence others.

The key phrase here is “DEVELOP SKILLS”.  It is absolutely not enough to obtain leadership knowledge.  A lot of people have this knowledge. There are many books available on the topic of leadership. A lot of people have degrees in leadership, management, or psychology which provide the exposure to the Leadership Body of Knowledge. 

However, these people still need to develop leadership habits. We will discuss the ways to develop these habits in our next article.

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